Sample Course

Devon Safeguarding Tender

Welcome to Reconstruct's sample module for Lots o and p, safeguarding children and safeguarding adults and children.

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The course covers two outcomes, ‘What is child abuse and neglect?’ and ‘Signs and indicators of abuse and neglect’. It has been taken from material previously developed for a shorter course for another authority and we will develop some of the themes (notably neglect and emotional abuse) further as more time is available. Please note, the additional information buttons are not active in this sample but ordinarily link to relevant research, guidance, or local policy/procedure. We have also used them to automatically open materials such as referral forms and similar to ease learners’ access to services.

Should you have any problems please contact John Woodhouse on 01803 762173 or 07785 624444.

eConstruct eLearning Course - Child Protection