Knowing your learning needs

eConstuct management model

Organisations receive management information about the use of the programme and the development of their staff teams, to feel confident in their belief in the training and ability of their workforce. This allows managers to be on top of their team’s development, identifying gaps in supervision and pointing people to easily accessible learning resources, rather than waiting months for the next course to come around.

Reconstruct has also developed modules that link with children’s services policies, providing a tool to ensure both established and new practitioners are familiar with key aspects of regulation as well as law. Rather than leaf through endless, dated procedure manuals, induction or continuing learning can take the form of a quiz, encouraging participants to delve into the procedures to find the answers, with options to create team league tables or compare your performance with staff in other authorities across the country.

This allows senior managers to state with confidence and evidence that their workforce is aware of the procedures they should be following. Linked with our eProcedures, this is a powerful tool to significantly improve the safety and performance of children’s services.